Shipping and Lead Times


Ships 2-4 weeks after receipt of order (ARO).
Please contact the factory to confirm delivery information on your order!
Replacement sensor for Halimeter®
Ships 1-2 days ARO
Straws (for breath sampling)
Ships 1-2 days ARO
Recorder (Penwriter) for the Halimeter®
Ships 3-5 days ARO
Chart Paper (for recorder)
Ships 1-2 days ARO
Pens (for recorder)
Ships 1-2 days ARO

†The above are STANDARD delivery times. However, manufacturing conditions can vary. Please contact the factory for specific delivery information pertaining to your order.

Please note that shipping costs as calculated by this e-store software are subject to correction by our sales department. You will be notified of the actual charges before your credit card is charged.